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A trusted group of professional plumbers

New Century Plumbing & Heating, a fully insured and RGII registered company was established in the year 2000.

Although, it is Kevin’s 40 plus years’ experience in the field that has led to his work being highly regarded and trusted in the business.”

Boiler and Heating Services
Plumbing Services

New Century Plumbing and heating is one of the best plumber services in Dublin. We have been offering a trusted group of professional services. It is a fully insured and RGII registered and was established as a separate business entity in the year 2000. Despite of being established in 2000, it’s practiced overall for a period of forty years.

New Century Plumbing and Heating Services is also one of the older heating contractors Dublin. It offers a full range of plumbing services including services like plumbing installations, heat insulators repairing and maintenance. On request it also offers installations of boilers, tanks and gas insulators.

Kevin has not acquired this tag of being one of the best plumbers Dublin in a day. His professional dedication and whole lot of services to offer has made it possible for him to gain the huge length of expertise and accomplishing his mission to gain the consumer loyalty in the Irish market.

The Gas heating and Solar Panel installations and maintenance was totally new in market when we came up with the initiative to offer Gas Heating Systems, in which Gas fired direct heating equipment is a popular one making it one of the most needful panel installations requirements in the local market, failing which the temperatures in the room will become severely cold to bear.

One of the amazingly good points that is worth making an important point is the attractive bathroom makeovers. An attractive makeover with an attractive price range transforming the whole bathrooms with a blissful contemporary look.


Gas and Oil Solar Heating System

We have come up with an initiative to offer Gas Heating Systems, in which Gas fired direct heating equipment is a popular one.

Heat pump and solid fuel heating

Using a heating system is extremely helpful. So,if  you are looking to cut on the expenses on the electricity it is helpful.

Underfloor heating repairs

Underfloor heating  is a form of heating in which the floor surface of a space is heated and radiated and convected. 

Cylinder/ gas boiler replacement and installations

We ensure thorough gas boiler repairs so that all the faults or breakdowns are taken care of and the same problems do not persist.

Complete modern bathroom makeovers & showers replacement

New Century Plumbing and Heating Services offers full bathroom makeovers ensuring the total look of the bathroom is pretty modern look.

tank replacement

New Century Plumbing and Heating Services offers you top notch hot water tank replacements and helps you with the maintenance.

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