Bathroom Renovation Services in Dublin, Ireland

Are you looking for a bathroom renovation services in Dublin, Ireland? Do you have plans to replace the old torn or old style bathrooms equipment and replace them with new material and equipment? Are you looking for a Plumber in Dublin?

New Century is providing professional and trained resources to provide you with the best bathroom renovation services in Dublin, Ireland.

From the material selection to final installation, we can help you through each step and we will do our best to keep your bathroom renovation plans within your budget and timeline limits. All you have to do is to contact New Century and get your bathroom renovation planned and executed without any hassle.

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Bathroom Renovation Dublin Services

Bathroom renovation is not just a hobby of people with well settled budgets. Rather it is needed especially when your bathroom is used frequently and you want to get rid of old equipment to avoid continuous maintenance.

Bathroom renovation can be of any scope, some may be looking for alteration to existing layout, others may be in need of expansion or upgrade of the material and equipment. Whereas few of you would just need to replace a few items rather doing an altogether change of bathroom.

No matter how much you need to be done, we will take care of it. New Century is one the most reliable plumber in Dublin, providing bathroom renovation services in Dublin, Ireland. and we have served thousands of happy customers already. There are various reasons you should be hiring skilled people working under our banner.

Bathroom Renovation Dublin
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Why New Century for bathroom renovation Dublin?

New century is not a new name; we are a trusted service provider for many of you out there. We operate under our core values of customer satisfaction and utmost quality of work. You must expect following when you consider to hire us:

We are affordable

We totally understand that the major cost of bathroom renovation is already attached with material and equipment that you are going to buy. On top of that we do not want to charge you thousands of bucks to fix and install that renovation material for you. Our price points are extremely market competitive.

We are flexible

We understand that your preferences, likes, budget and timeline can change. We all are humans and humans can miss-plan or miscalculate. If any such situation arrives during our service contract, you will find us the most understanding and flexible team to work with.

We are reliable

Thousands of happy customers on our portfolio can speak on our behalf for the professionalism of service providers, reliability and other crucial elements of a reliable vendor. You are more than welcome to take data from us and get opinion from our happy customers.

We are bathroom makeover Dublin based specialists and everything we do is carried with utmost care and attention to detail.

Our Bathroom Renovation Process

    Phone Consultation

    We start off the process by giving you a short phone consultation to know your requirements. Our staff ask you the follow up questions to have an idea about your goals, budget etc.

    Home Visit

    Our experts will personally come to your house and perform the relevant steps necessary for example take measurements, and inquire about the limitations pertaining to this project.

    Planning out Design

    We believe that every project is different hence we organize a custom plan according to the needs and features of your home. We shall walk you through the process of selection and discuss this plan with you hence reaching a mutual agreement.


    The process of construction might feel like an intrusion to your privacy. However we have optimised our construction techniques so it has a minimum effect on your personal life while efficiency remains the same.

    Follow Up

    Once the work finishes we do a follow up visit to check if everything works fine and you are satisfied with the work after using the bathroom. If you have any concerns we make sure to fix it up on the spot as customer satisfaction is our main goal.


    How It Works

    Should we plan and execute complete renovation at once?

    No, it is not necessary that you plan complete renovation at once. You may choose to go in bits and pieces. Either one by one all bathrooms, or even few alterations first and then rest in phases.

    How much bathroom renovation cost?

    It is a very subjective question, as it depends on the materials used, size of the bathroom etc. We can guarantee to provide the lowest cost bathroom renovation services in Dublin, Ireland.

    How do I select quality material and equipment?

    The key is to look for a variety of options and their general feedback from the market. Either you can perform some research on your own or you can simply contact New Century to guide with selection of material and equipment for bathroom renovation services in Dublin, Ireland.