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Boiler Repair Services

Boilers are one of the most important needs of households as well as industries. They are essential for boiling water, heating, cooking, power generation and also have many other commercial purposes but what if your boiler stops working? What would you do? All of your important tasks suddenly come to a pause and it is not a situation to be delayed.

Don’t panic, we have a solution to this problem, we have a 24 hour boiler repair service available so whenever such a situation arrives, we are just a call away. We have more than 40 years of experience in offering high quality plumbing services with complete customer satisfaction.

Repairing is a compulsory need of the boiler both for industrial or domestic use. The maintenance of a boiler is mandatory in order to get good and proper service. If you are worried about the cost of repairing operations then you have come across the right place. 

“We care about our customers” , hence offering them cheap boiler repair services to ensure that they are  fully satisfied. Our services are reliable, low-cost and long lasting as we have a lot of technical as well as engineering staff to overcome any difficulty that might have taken place.

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We Offer The Best Boiler Repair Services As We Have Senior Staff Which Is Serving Us For A Long Time And Have An Experience Of 40 Years. They Can Examine The Failure Easily By The Help Of Which We Can Fix The Fault. Whether It Is Repairing Or Remaking, We Have The Most Skilled And Practiced Workers Who Can Solve Your Problem In Very Less Time. Our Training And Guidance Has Made Our Staff Expert And Professional Which Has Helped Us In Making Our Name Among The Best Plumbing Companies Across The City.

Boiler Repair

Some of the basic faults in boilers arrive as they depend on the pipes/radiators for providing sufficient heat. The boiler flue is basically the chimney of boiler but it releases carbon dioxide and water vapor from the combustion chamber of the boiler rather than smoke and dirt which is discharged from the chimney from inside of the home. In condensing boilers, the flue is an essential element of the heating system, as it uses the heat released from the burned gases that warms the returning water from the system. So if a fault arrives in the boiler flue, we are available for the boiler flue repair.

The working of a gas boiler is quite similar to other types of heating. The change is that fuel gas is extremely combustible and many important safety factors are added in it for protection. Since a gas boiler includes many additional features lie combination boilers, systems boilers (store hot water in insulated tank and has one cold water tank), regular boilers (works similar to systems boilers but can be vented and unvented), combined heat (does not use water tank for storage of hot water but produce quick hot water from the boiler and directs towards taps and showers) and power boilers (behaves as micro plant which feeds hot water and generate electricity).


Emergency Boiler Repair Dublin

Since boilers have more complex structure and working therefore we have professional technicians to deal with any type of fault that arises in such boilers. It is our duty to make sure that our customers’ complaints are resolved as soon as possible. 

This is the reason New Century Plumbing and heating is known as one of the best plumbing companies in Dublin. Whether the boiler failure is domestic or commercial, we are available day and night to offer quality services to our valuable clients.

Emergency Boiler Repair service is also not an issue for us. If you are stuck in a situation where your boiler has stopped working in the industry and you are facing massive loss due to sudden disruption in the production, you don’t need to worry, we are here to repair emergency boilers anytime.

 Just give us a call, and our highly expert and skilled technicians will be at your door step to solve your problem. This is why our clients trust us because we never say no to fix any problem or delay any complaint arrived from anytime or anywhere in the city. Therefore, you must try new century plumbing and heating services