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Do you want electric shower repair in Dublin? Do you want new electric shower Installation?

We are available 24 hours to offer you electric shower repair service in Dublin and electric shower installation at your doorstep. In case you have a complaint that your electric shower is not warming the water properly, Just give us a call & we will solve your problem. 

Problem in Electric Shower might be because the micro switch inside the electric shower has burnt which does not let power to reach the element or may be the element itself has burnt so the shower will be working only on the half power. 

It is not a problem for us to fix it for you since we have 40 years of experience in offering plumbing and heating services to our customers.

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Electric Shower Repair & Installation in Dublin

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New Century Plumbing provides electric shower repair in Dublin and neighboring areas. We can also help with new electric shower Installation.

Electric showers are advanced types of showers which never get short of hot water as they use electricity to heat up the cold water. Since electric showers work in a way similar to other electrical appliances getting hot by sending current to the heating element.

they also have a greater chance to experience any fault as compared to simple showersAs they have electrical elements inside which warms the cold water and then pass it through the nozzle, any failure in the electric elements inside the shower can affect its working. You don’t need to worry about that if you report your problem to us immediately.

Under such circumstances you need not to worry. Checking it yourself might also not be a good idea since it is a technical tool which needs delicate handling. Just give us a call and our electric shower repair professionals in Dublin will be at your disposal as soon as possible. Contact us today for

Electric Shower Repair Dublin
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Electric Shower Repair Services Include

New Electric Shower Installation

We can help you with the new electric shower installation in Dublin. Whether you’ve already purchased a new one or you need an advice chosing the best one, contact us today!

Old Electric Shower Repair

If your old electric shower is having problems, contact us today to get it fixed quick. We provide emergency plumber service to get it fixed quick.

Hot & Cold

The Problem Could Also Be That Your Shower Goes Hot Sometimes And Sometimes Cold, It Might Be Due To The Shower Not Getting Enough Amount Of Water Or The Problem Could Also Be In Your Slow Valve. Whatever Is It, We Are Here To Fix It Whether It Needs To Be Repaired Or Fixed, Our Skilled Workers Will Examine It Thoroughly And Resolve Your Complaint Quickly. All You Need To Do Is Just Make Us A Call And We Will Be There For You To Offer Our All-Time Service To Our Valued Customers.


There Could Also Be Other Technical Issues In Your Electric Shower Apart From The Above Mentioned. Maybe You Are Facing An Issue That Your Shower Is Absolutely Cold Which Is Mostly Due To The Thermal-Cut-Out (TCO). If The Shower Overheats, It Stops The Supply Of Power To The Elements Which Ultimately Results In The Absolutely Cold Shower. There Are Ways To Fix This Problem Whether It Is Replacement Or Repair, Our Workers Will Sort It Out Soon After Examining The Shower. It Is Our Responsibility To Provide You The Best Of Our Services To Get Full Customer Satisfaction.

The Activation of PRD

Often People Complain That They Get Water Only From The Bottom Of The Shower Which Could Be Due To The Activation Of PRD (Pressure Relief Device).  This Problem Is Usually Caused By A Blocked Shower Head Or The Kinked Hose. If You Are Facing Any Of These Issues In Your Electrical Shower And You Need Those To Be Fixed Then Call Us As Soon As Possible Because We Are There To Fix Your Complaints And Satisfy Our Customers. New Century Plumbing And Heating Services Offer Good Quality Services At Cheap Prices At Any Time So Feel Free To Contact Us Whenever You Need An Electric Shower Repair in Dublin.