Gas Boiler Replacement Services in Dublin, Ireland

Are you looking for gas boiler replacement in services in Dublin, Ireland? Is your gas boiler getting old? Are you looking for a plumber in Dublin?

Look no further. New Century Plumbing can help you with gas boiler replacement services in Dublin, Ireland. Contact us today for a quick quote.

Boilers usually have a life span from 10 to 15 years so if your boiler has completed its life then you should think about your gas boiler replacement. There are also plenty of reasons for replacing your old gas boiler with a new one, which may include, repairing cost is exceeding the cost of a new boiler, the version of the gas boiler does not meet your requirements, your current  gas boiler is causing high bills, it has low efficiency etc.

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Gas Boiler Replacement Service in Dublin

If you decide to replace your gas boiler and get a new one installed at your home, Just Give Us A Call and we will provide you with a low cost gas boiler replacement service in Dublin, Ireland.

New century plumbing and heating offers quick, responsive, and high quality services to its clients. We have senior and skillful staff who can handle all types of sanitary, plumbing, fixing and replacement issues in a very short period of time. All you need to do is give us a call to report your problem and we will be at your doorstep to resolve your issue. It is our responsibility to provide you the finest of our work so that you do not get any chance to complain. Customer satisfaction is our biggest priority and happy clients give us high motivation to work with full devotion and enthusiasm.

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Our Low Cost Gas Boiler Replacement in Dublin, Ireland

The fact is that buying new boilers is not easy on pocket as boilers are not cheap. However if you want low cost boiler replacement it can be possible by using New Century plumbing and heating services for boiler replacement. 

We have 40 years of experience in plumbing and heating services and our senior staff takes care of every customer by providing them an economical package to avail our services anytime. 

Our rates are cheaper compared to the market and our work is of high quality which is simply the best for getting gas boiler replacement in Dublin.

Gas Boiler Replacement Services in Dublin

The issue in a boiler is its timer which gets faulty and needs to be fixed. Either clock in the boiler stops functioning or gets automatically off from time to time. The issue should be addressed as soon as possible and the timer should be fixed or replaced. 

If you are facing such a problem, just give us a call and we will fix it on your doorstep. Our service is available 24 hours and we can resolve your problem of gas boiler timer replacement immediately.


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What Is The Average gas boiler replacement cost?

The average cost of boiler replacement depends on the work which is involved in its installation including the boiler type and model (similar boiler replacement would cost less rather than an alteration in the heating system), the new location and the installation charges. The cost will include all these factors. The gas boilers can be bought in the range between 400 to €500 depending upon the company and version. Gas Boiler replacement price has high dependence on each of the above mentioned factors but we are here to cut your bill down by making best negotiations in the replacement and installation charges. We offer cheap boiler replacement to our most valued customers so that you can avail our service without any tension of paying high charges for Gas boiler replacement. Contact New Century today for low cost gas boiler replacement service in Dublin, Ireland.

What is the Expected Gas Boiler Replacement Cost?

Hot water boilers heat water to the temperature maximum 1150C. They are used for warming housing and communal buildings. These boilers have a lifespan of mostly 25 to 30 years after which they might get faulty. If you notice any problem in your hot gas boiler and feel the need to get it replaced, feel free to contact New Century plumbing and heating anytime to avail our good quality service at reasonable rates. The average gas boiler replacement cost is about 4000 but it highly depends on the type and model of boiler you want to get installed. A boiler with high efficiency and advanced model would cost about 7500. This amount includes the service charges, withdrawal and clearance of the old boiler and installation of the new one. We make the best efforts to provide maximum relaxation to our customers in the installation and service charges. Our aim is to satisfy the clients, provide them the best service and do not give them any chance to complain. Contact New Century to have an exact Gas Boiler Replacement Cost.

When Should You Go For Boiler Replacement

A good quality boiler can be used for a very long time with regular repair and servicing. However if your boiler needs very frequent repairs then that means you might need to replace it. Here are few instances where you might need boiler replacement: 

  • Energy Consumption: Your old boiler that needs replacement will have become poor in energy efficiency resulting in increased electricity bills.
  • Leaking Boiler: If the boiler has a leakage and it needs expensive repair then it’s better to replace it.
  • Changing Location: If you want to place your existing boiler to a new place in the house it would be less hassle if you get a brand new one. 
  • Renting Or Selling Property: If you are giving your house on rent or selling it, putting a new boiler will add value to it.