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New Century is a RGII Registered Plumbing Company Providing Heat Pump Repairs in Dublin
“Heat pumps” 
are energy efficient substitutes to furnace and air conditioners. Their working is similar to a refrigerator that transfers heat from a cooler region to a warmer region by using electricity resulting in making the cold region colder and hot region hotter. Basically heat pumps are of three kinds namely air-to-air, water source, and geothermal.

 They gather heat from the air, water, or environment outside your home and fix it for use inside. Since these heat pumps have complex functioning, any failure in any of its parts can lead to damage which needs to be repaired quickly. For repairing services, new century plumbing and heating services are always available for our customers.

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RGII Registered Heat Pump Repair Dublin

Problems in the heat pump are mostly caused by thermostat failures. If you have a complaint that your heat pump does not do heating and cooling properly, have freezing problems or cycles off and on repeatedly, you have come at the right place. 

We offer heat pump repair services 24 hours with full customer satisfaction and high quality services. 

Our work is up to the mark with reasonable prices that are affordable to everyone. Our target is to provide the best of our repair services at your doorstep by not giving any chance of complaint to the customers. 

Central heat pump repair, replacement, fixing the fault or changing any part which has a fault, our staff can do it quickly to resolve your complaint.

Heat Pump Repair
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What Is Geothermal Heat Pump Repair?

Geothermal heat pumps have higher productivity as they transfer heat between your house and the environment or a water resource that is close by. These types of heat pumps have comparatively lower operating costs but they as they take benefit from the environment or water temperature that is nearby. These heat pumps have more advantages as they can lower the consumption of energy by percentages ranging from 30 to 60% , have good regulation of humidity, are strong and more durable. In case if any fault arises in these heat pumps, you can face immense amounts of losses due to the pause in every operation but we are offering geothermal heat pump repair service at a very reasonable price. Whether the fault is in the heat pump or water resource, whether it needs replacement or repair, our knowledgeable staff can sort out the problem and fix it immediately.

What is Your Heat Pump repair cost?

Heat pump repair cost might be an issue for people as it takes a high cost to get repaired or replaced but if you are engaged with New Century Plumbing and Heating services, you do not need to worry about the price because we always have a flexible package for our customers. We provide the best services at cheap rates at your doorstep with a surety that you will be satisfied by our work. We have 40 years of experience in our plumbing and heating services with a highly trained and skilled staff which is ready to serve you 24 hours. Sometimes the fault is not fixable and you need to replace the heat pump. It is not an issue for us as our staff members can analyze the problem and fix it accordingly right after you report your problem to us.