How Much Bathroom Renovation cost?

Oct 27, 2020 | Uncategorized

How much bathroom renovation cost

Bathrooms are the most frequently used spaces in any place, be it your home, office, restaurant, a public or private property. This makes the material and equipment used in the bathrooms most vulnerable to aging and usage impact. Thus, before any other place in any property, bathrooms require renovation. But how much bathroom renovation cost? It is a very subjective matter.

First time bathroom building and installation is costly however, if you do not foresee the continual damages happening around the bathroom the renovation can become equally costly. Therefore, we would like to provide our users a detailed guide on how to keep the bathrooms sustained and take gradual steps towards knowing how much bathroom renovation cost they must have in budget.

How much bathroom renovation cost is dependent on numerous factors such as amount of work required, quality of the material used, service provider and last but very importantly, how much do you have to plan the bathroom renovation cost. First, let’s start with some key tips that you must follow in order to ensure that your renovation budget stays low.

Tips and tricks for keeping low bathroom renovation cost

Keep it clean and maintained

This is the key rule to having less renovation cost, since the usage is on the higher side, the maintenance should also be on the higher side. You must maintain a cleaning schedule to make sure that the sanity of the bathrooms is in place most of the time.

In addition, do not use low quality cleaning material at all. It will not only cause the fast paced aging of the equipment but it will also trigger the need of renovation before the due time. You may think that you are saving bucks by using cheaper cleaning utensils however, actually you are causing more damage to the property and hence, the bathroom renovation cost will be high.

Plan the renovation in phases

There is no need or no rush to execute renovation of all bathrooms together. Even if you have only a couple, you can plan and execute renovation in smaller phases. Choosing one aspect first and then executing rest one by one.

This will help you anticipate the required bathroom renovation cost in advance and plan it accordingly. You can contact any service provider in the town, share the requirements and get an estimated idea through professional costing and estimation methods rather than making assumptions on your end.

Materials and features that impact on how much bathroom renovation cost

Despite the key tips mentioned above on how to keep bathroom renovation cost low, still you need to know that if you have to plan some renovation activity then how much bathroom renovation cost eventually. Let us provide you some estimated ideas about different essential materials and the variety within these materials that can help you to determine how much bathroom renovation costs. There are two types of renovation cost that you will have to plan for:

o   Materials cost, such as the equipment and material that you need to install or get fixed in replacement of the old one.

o   Services cost, such as plumber or a team of service providers who will perform the installation of renovation material and equipment in the bathroom.

Let us separately explain the possible cost that is associated with different materials and services. 

Floor tiles, wall tiles

Among all the famous categories, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and natural stone tiles are the most popular ones. Ceramic tiles fall into the affordable category with a possibility of 1-5$ per square feet of the bathroom area. Whereas the other two may cost you up to 20$ per square feet.


Though many of you would consider it a luxury item or an overhead that does not necessarily have to be there. However, for some it is still a part of the renovation and it may cost you (depending upon the provider and features) between 500$ to 4000$.


One of the essential equipment in the bathroom and certainly one that is used more frequently. There are a variety of shower sets in the market now, from simple one type throw to variant throw styles, shapes, material etc. you may choose a simple version costing about 120 – 150$ and may go up to 500+$ for the advanced version.

Toilet Set

Another most frequently used item, toilet set that is mostly made in ceramic and varies on size of the toilet, water tank capacity etc. depending on the same, it may cost you anywhere between 100$ to 1000$ depending upon the features and size.


Countertops are not very frequently changed over time; you can keep them going with other renovations in place. However, if you plan for an overall change of the theme or layout, it may cost you anywhere between 5$ per square feet to 100$ per square feet. The cost gap is ridiculous however, it is dependent on quality. Quartz will cost you more, whereas prefabricated marble will be way too cheaper.


There is a wide range of materials, colors and styles available when it comes to faucets. You can choose chrome, nickel, bronze, silver, gold and what not. As for the costing, you may start with as low as 140$ to 350$ depending upon how stylish you want it to be.

Service Provider Cost

Lastly, you need someone professional and knowledgeable to perform installation of these renovation materials for you. Definitely, nothing should go wrong when you are spending bucks on the material and only trained & professional service providers can do that. Cost for a reliable service provider will vary depending upon the amount of work required and the best way to get an idea of labor cost would be to contact a service provider.