Mira Electric Shower Installation

Nov 2, 2020 | Uncategorized

Mira electric shower installation

Mira electric shower installation – a user-friendly guide with tips & tricks.

Mira electric showers launched in the market in 2008 but the manufacturers did a relaunch of the Mira electric showers again in 2014, both the functionality and look & feel of the product was altered to meet better customer expectations. Since 2014, there is no change to the Mira electric shower and the same version of the electric shower is in market.

Mira electric shower installation guide comes as part of the packaging box. For any reason if your packaging box does not contain it, you can watch the YouTube tutorial to install the Mira electric shower. However, not everyone may have the time to follow video instructions or would understand the technical wording being used in most of the tutorials.

Here in this article we are going to share some tips, tricks and a basic guide Mira electric shower installation at home with basic instructions to follow. Here are some tips that you must foresee before initiating the installation process.

  • Check Product Condition

A lot of people are buying products online as well as getting them dispatched to their homes by third party service providers. As soon as you receive the product, make sure you film the unboxing process and thoroughly check for any possible issues/breakage.

  •   Decide a Location

Carefully select a central point where you need the electric shower installation done. Of course, it will be one of the washrooms of the house but in there, you have to look for the location where there are no electric sockets nearby and no safety hazards of any sort. 

  •  Check the Location for Electric/Other Wiring

Mira electric shower installation Process

Once you decide on the location of installation of Mira electric shower, still use a stud or metal detector to check the backend of the wall. This is a critical step to check whether there are electric wires or any other supply pipes at the back of the selected wall.

Once you have checked these initial steps for a safe and secure Mira electric shower installation, only then move forward to the actual installation process of the product.

Step # 1 Ensure that main power supply is disconnected

Step # 2 Use the template to align the installation plan

The packaging of Mira electric showers comes with a template design, which you need to follow and put on the wall to dig all the required holes for the electric shower installation. In addition, you will also need a spirit level checker to balance the holes at the right location.

You will be required to make holes in the template first for all electric and any other pipes and the wall plugs to fix it. Once done, place that on the wall and make actual holes through the wall for fixing it. The ceiling of the room should be at least 200 mm above the top surface of the Mira electric shower.

Step # 3 Remove the cover from Mira Electric Shower

Next step you have to remove the screws from the top and the bottom of the product body. By removing the screws you will be able to remove the top cover of the product and will be able to see the product design for better fixing and Mira electric shower installation.

Step # 4 Determine the inlet of water supply

Once you place the naked product on the wall, determine the location and direction of water supply. Before you link the water supply to the Mira electric shower, make sure to flush the pipes and remove any debris if needed.

Step # 5 Let the water run through the product

Once the water supply is flushed and linked, secure the wall plugs and fix everything. Do a final check to see if there is any water leakage of any sort. Once you are sure there aren’t any, only then insert the power cable on the designated link and run it to the main terminal for power supply.

Step # 6 Check if the power terminal is working

Wear safety shoes or gloves, whatever is necessary and turn on the electric supply. Check if the product is working fine and once it looks fine, attach the top cover back and fix the bottom & top screws as removed in the first place.

This is pretty much it about the Mira electric shower installation that you need to know and perform for a safe installation. However, there may be loopholes in water supply, electricity connection or any sort of issue which will not let the product work fine in the first go. In such cases, you may go to the video tutorials and check every step visually before making a lot of effort. In case you are still unable to figure out the source of the issue, better call for professional help rather than redoing it again and again.