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Are you looking for a plumber in Dublin 15 area? Is it an emergency? Is late at night or is it the weekend? no need to worry, just call New Century and get an expert opinion to handle any plumber Dublin 15 related situation. even if we can not reach to you right away, we will ensure to provide you best advice which you can rely on to get out of the emergency plumber need situation in Dublin 15.

Our services are not just limited to emergency plumbing, we are providing a wide range of other services too. Be it your home or workplace, be it day or night, be it heating service or domestic boiler service, whatever you are going through and need a plumber to fix an issue or to provide you with an expert opinion. Just call us at New Century and get the best plumber Dublin 15 area has.

Plumber Dublin 15

Plumber Dublin 15 Services

There are several situations in the home that may require a plumber. Even when the problem is not directly related to the plumber. Maybe you need to actually perform boiler repairs, but you may need a plumber to ensure that all houses are cut off before boiler repairs begin.

Similarly, plumbing and heating goes side by side. When the central heating or underfloor heating that is causing an issue, plumbers would be needed. Our fully qualified plumbers will help you to ensure that any other team you have hired to get these installations do not break other infrastructure of the house.

Out of the wide range of services our plumbers can do for you, a quick list for your reference is provided below:

  • Overflow of supply
  • Showers, water taps, toilets, bathtubs fixing and replacement
  • Dishwasher installation and maintenance services
  • Water supply problems
  • Hot water supply services
  • Water tanks services
  • Install or fix blocked water supply or wastewater pipes
  • Leakage of water anywhere in the property
  • Washing machines installations and water supply services
  • Taps and supply services in outside areas such as garage etc.

This is not a comprehensive list of services that we can provide you with 24/7 emergency plumbing service assistance. Our plumbers can do more for you, and for recognized reasons, you must know why you should rely on our professional and skilled plumbers.

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Having 40 plus years of experience, Kevin is an Expert in his field.

What Sets Us Apart?

Here is why you can rely on New Century for plumbing or other services that we are providing for many years now:

We are a registered company

You definitely do not want to let anyone enter your house and get to know the Ins and Outs. It is critical that the person or service provider you have hired for plumbing services is not part of a gang of looters. New Century is a registered company with registered offices at several locations and you can always contact us to visit in person as well.

We are a fully insured company

In today’s unreliable and ever-changing economic conditions it is of critical value that the services provider as well as the staff of the company should be fully insured to cope up with any unexpected incident. Therefore, we as a trusted service provider of plumber Dublin 15, have acquired full insurance for our resources and company.

No hidden fee rule

We believe in open communication and we have been practicing that since the beginning. Our plumbers will ensure that you get to know every penny that may incur during the plumbing work to plan the budget beforehand. Everything will be agreed prior to the start of the work at your location.