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Gas and oil solar Heating Systems

New Century Plumbing and Heating Services has been serving the best gas heating services Dublin. We also have the best plumber services in Dublin

Gas or kerosene space heaters that do not have an exhaust vent may have been solid for decades, but it is strongly discouraged owing to heavy health and safety reasons. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with top notch Gas Heating Systems, among which Gas fired direct heating equipment is a popular one. They boast of characteristics like wall-mounting, free-standing, and floor furnaces. All of these lack ductwork and generate relatively small heat output. Since they lack ducts, they are considered most useful for warming a single room.

All these exclusive works makes the services of the New Century the best gas heating in Dublin.


A gas or fuel home and underfloor heating services in Dublin is quite essential to provide warmth to the whole interior of a building (or a portion of the building).

Using a heating system is extremely helpful in case, you are looking to cut on the expenses on the electricity. In it, the Sun heats the water flowing in the circuits through the collector (lets suppose, the panel is on the roof). The water leaving the collector is hotter than the water entering it and the heat is carried toward your hot water tank. The water instead of entering your tank flows into a pipe on one side of the tank and out of another pipe, passing through a coil of copper pipes inside the tank, thereby, giving up its heat on the way through. You can turn off hot water from the tank at any time without affecting the panel’s operation.

Underfloor Heatings

New Century Plumbing and Heating Services offers the premium home and underfloor heating services in Dublin including installation, repairs and maintenance.

Underfloor heating (UFH) is a form of heating in which the floor surface of a space is heated and this heat is radiated and convected throughout the space to create comfortable thermal conditions. It has been used as a form of space heating. Modern underfloor heating tends to use either electrical resistance elements or fluid-flowing, hydronic systems to heat the floor. These systems tends to be low-temperature systems, as the heating surface covers a much larger area than conventional radiators which because of their relatively small size have to operate at a high temperature. It may be used in combination with renewable heat sources, thermal mass and night-time purging. Systems can be modular or custom designed and installed, and generally includes insulation under the heat source to reduce heat loss.

Cylinder & Gas BOILER replacement

New Century Plumbing and Heating Services offers quality gas boiler replacements in Dublin.

Boiler and cylinder replacements are an important part of plumber services Dublin. A winter or cooler days should always accompany with a hot water cylinder. However, on using you feel that there are problems like a sudden break down or bursting of these boilers on a constant use or maybe simply a short circuit. New Century Plumbing and Heating makes sure that all the faults or breakdowns are carefully taken care of keeping in mind that the same problems do not occur frequently or in the near future. Apart from this, Boiler replacements and Installations are also done. We do understand that a frequent upgrade of a boiler is not possible all the time. But, an upgrade still allows you to save around 350 pounds a minimum. The most advantageous part of it is that these boilers can heat the water more efficiently using comparatively lesser gas or oil for the same purpose.


New Century Plumbing and Heating Services is also a pretty good choice for a complete, modern bathroom makeovers in Dublin.

If you have an old fashioned bathroom and you want to upgrade it as per the contemporary requirements, then it’s exactly for you. Trustworthy and best plumber services Dublin is hard to come by. New Century Plumbing and Heating Services offers full bathroom makeovers ensuring the total look of the bathroom is pretty modern and contemporary look.  Bathroom Makeovers also includes installation or replacements of the showers.

All the needful activities are handled and taken care of with utmost professionalism making it a very popular name for the people to demand for as one of the best bathrooms and wet rooms in Dublin.

Tank replacement- plumber services Dublin

New Century Plumbing and Heating Services offers a number of hot water tank replacements in Dublin.

Underground storage tank means any one or combination of tanks including connected underground pipes that is used to contain regulated substances, and the volume of which including the volume of underground pipes is 10 percent or more beneath the surface of the ground.  New Century Plumbing and Heating Services offers you tank replacements or helps you with the maintenance. Since we provide the best plumber services Dublin, you can rely on us.