Is Your Radiator Not heating? 4 Things That You Can Do To Get The Issue Solved

Mar 22, 2021 | Uncategorized

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With the night getting darker and the weather getting cold, we rely upon only one thing: our central heating system! Wouldn’t it be annoying to find your radiator cold even after heating it for around twenty minutes?

If your radiators are not heating sufficiently, then there is a problem with the boiler or the central heating system. Moreover, if you notice some of your radiators are heating up while some are not, there is a possibility that there are some underlying serious issues. 

If you notice your radiator not heating up, then the first thing you need to do is determine whether there is a problem with one or more radiators. It will help you get to the bottom of your problem. 

This article discusses a few simple steps that will help you understand the root of the problem and a few fixes to get the radiators to heat your home again. Often, the radiators don’t heat up because of some simple issues that can be resolved effortlessly. Without further ado, let us have a look at simple steps that will help homeowners to get a warm and toasty home in no time.  

Check If There Is Trapped Air And Let Your Radiators Bleed. 

If you notice that just one of the house radiators not heating up, it must be because of some trapped air. If you do not turn on your radiators for quite some time, air gets trapped in them. In such a scenario, the radiators get warm only at the bottom and remain cold at the top. If this is the case, you will have to let your radiators bleed.

For this, you will have to use the radiator keys and unscrew the bleed screw a bit. Keep unscrewing until you hear a hissing sound. After the sound disappears, water will start coming out from the radiator. Now, close the bleed screw and turn on the device. Your radiator will now start getting warm.  

Check For Considerable Problems With The Boiler And Central Heating 

If you have resolved the small issues, and the problem still persists then check for some more severe issues that your system might be facing. If none of your radiators is heating, it could be a sign that there is some serious issue. 

If the water in the system is not getting hot, you should call for professionals. System experts will get to the root of the house radiator heating issues and fix it. Please notice everything unusual about your heating system and tell the plumber about it. Look out for the signs and the weird noises.

Find Out If Your System Needs Power Flushing 

If you cannot find out the root issue, there are possibilities that the system just needs a power flushing service. Power flushing is the process of getting sludge and debris removed from the radiators. Over time, sludge and debris get stuck in the central heating system and affects its performance. 

A denotative sign that your system needs power flushing is that your radiators will get heated up at the top but not at the bottom. The sludge present in the bottom region will restrain the radiators from getting heated up properly.  

Check the Valves of your Radiators 

If your radiators don’t have any trapped air and its entire surface is cold and not just its top, then consider checking your radiator’s valves. Ensure that both the left and right valves are open. If your radiator has a valve that allows you to set the temperature automatically, you should ensure that the radiator is operating at an optimum temperature. Thermostatic radiators cause the system to stop working when it gets seized up. If such a problem arises, you should get in touch with an engineer.  

Final Thoughts 

It is annoying if you find out your radiator not heating one fine day. There are many possible causes and solutions with the help of which you can get your radiators working again. However, if none of those as mentioned above tips works, it is recommended that you call radiator technicians right away.