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Are you struggling with limited space in your home but don't want to move? Our Home Extensions service can help transform your house into the perfect space for your family to grow. Our expert team provides high-quality workmanship to achieve stunning results, ensuring every detail is done right. Contact our team today to discuss your house extensions Dublin requirements and receive a free consultation.

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Why Hire New Century For Home Extensions in Dublin?

Rapid Response

At New Century, we pride ourselves on our Rapid Response service. Our team understands that a home extension can be a daunting task, but with our efficient service, we aim to alleviate any stress or worry. Our prompt response ensures that we can quickly assess and provide a solution to your extension needs, maximizing your time and budget. Choose New Century for your home extension project and experience our commitment to quality and reliability.

Flexible Financing Options

At New Century, we understand that financing your home extension project can be a daunting task. That's why we offer flexible financing options that cater to your specific needs. We believe that everyone deserves to have their dream home, and we're committed to making it a reality. With our range of financing options, you can rest assured that you'll be able to find a plan that suits your budget. Our team of experts will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your dream home becomes a reality, without the added stress of worrying about finances. Choose New Century for your home extension project and experience the peace of mind that comes with flexible financing options.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

At New Century, we believe that your home should not only be an extension of your personality, but also a reflection of your unique taste. That's why we offer a "Guaranteed Satisfaction" promise for all our home extension projects. From start to finish, we make sure that every detail is taken care of, so you can sit back and enjoy the transformation of your home. With our team of experienced professionals and an unwavering commitment to quality, we guarantee that you'll be absolutely thrilled with the end result – every time.

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Planning and Designing Your Home Extension

At New Century, we understand that every home has unique requirements and deserves customized solutions. Our Home Extensions service offers a cost-effective way to expand your living space without having to change the address. We take care of everything from design, planning, and building regulations to construction and completion, ensuring delivery within your budget and time frame. We use only the best materials and skilled craftsmen to create beautiful, high-quality house extensions that blend seamlessly with your existing property. Trust us to transform your home with a stress-free process from start to finish.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the estimated cost of adding an extension to my home in Dublin?

The estimated cost of adding an extension to your home in Dublin can vary depending on the size, materials used, and scope of work. However, you can expect to pay around €20,000 to €50,000 for a basic extension. Please note that this price is not guaranteed and prices may vary depending on the specifics of your project.

How does New Century's Home Extensions service work for expanding living space in Dublin homes?

New Century's Home Extensions service works by providing custom extensions to your Dublin home. Our skilled team will work with you to create a design that meets your needs, and we'll handle everything from planning to construction. With our expertise, your home will have additional space that is both functional and beautiful.

What are the zoning and planning regulations to consider before getting a home extension in Dublin?

Before getting a home extension in Dublin, you should consult with your local council regarding the zoning and planning regulations in your area. This will help avoid any potential issues and ensure that your project complies with the necessary requirements.

What are the zoning requirements I need to know before getting a home extension in Dublin?

The zoning requirements for home extensions in Dublin vary depending on your location and the size of your proposed extension. It's important to consult with a qualified architect or builder who can guide you through the planning process and ensure that your extension is compliant with local regulations.

What steps does New Century take to ensure that home extensions in Dublin comply with local building regulations?

At New Century, we prioritize safety and compliance with local building regulations for all home extensions in Dublin. Our team works closely with qualified architects and engineers to ensure that all necessary permits are obtained and the project meets all standards and regulations.

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