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Shower Pump Repair Service in Dublin

Shower pumps are a vital part of plumbing as they are the main contributor to water distribution throughout buildings. Don’t be ignorant towards your shower pump repair or replacement to reduce the risk of malfunction and ensure maximum efficiency of your shower pump.

Our experienced technicians offer you both, repairing old shower pumps or replace with a new one.

Shower pumps are a common necessity and a good water flow at your head is what takes away all the tiredness of the day. Hence you can’t afford to be ignorant about it. All the clients are looking for a powerful yet small shaped shower which becomes a problem. Oftentimes you face shower pump failures but how would you know if the problem is in the shower or elsewhere?

We are here to not only help you determine if it’s the shower pump that’s troubling you but also fix it for you as well. With over 40 years of experience, we are able to list down the most occurring shower pump problems that our clients face.

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The Best Shower Pump Repair Dublin

Shower Pumps Usually Last Long Without A Lot Of Maintenance Due To Their Robust Design But There Are Some Areas That May Need Maintenance For It To Operate Smoothly.

Here At New Century We Take Pride In Having Comprehensive Knowledge Of All Branches Of Plumbing Especially In Areas Of Shower Pump Operation.

We Aim To Provide You With Efficient Service That Meets All Your Needs. Below Are The Most Common Shower Pump Related Problems To Help You Identify Yours!

Shower Pump



Blockage In Pump Filters

Disrupted Water Flow From The Shower Means You Need To Check If It Is Cleaned And Cleared Properly. However, If That Didn’t Help As Well, It Would Be Because The Filter Inside The Pump Is Blocked. This Usually Happens In Places Where There Is Hard Water Or In Cases When Debris Slips Into The Filter During Installation. Before Starting, Our Plumber Will Firstly Switch Off The Service Valves And Disconnect The Pump’s Electrical Supply. Then The Filters Need To Be Removed And Cleaned Carefully.


Airlocks Are Another Common Problem With Shower Pumps That Occur. It Leads To The Restriction In The Water Flow .In Such Cases You Need To Let Out The Air Which Is Known As Pump Bleeding. Our Technician Will First And Foremost Switch Off, Turn Off Its Electric Supply And Turn On All The Taps That The Pump Feeds In Order To Empty The Water And Then Switch Them Off Again.

Noise In Shower Pump

It Becomes Extremely Irritating To Handle A Noisy Pump. It Just Doesn’t Create Inconvenience But Can Also Be A Signal Of A Grave Problem. The Noise Usually Means That Shower Pump Is Not Letting The Rotor To Move. Pumps That Get Old Can Become Noisy As Well Due To Their Positioning With Other Pipes. Thus The Pipework Should Have A Proper Structure.

Cold Pump

Shower Pumps Do Not Perform Effectively If They Get Very Cold. Thus It’s Important To Protect It So That They Won’t Get Too Cold.  The Protection Is Done Through Insulation And Our Experienced Technicians Are Best At It. It Will Prevent The Pump From Getting Damaged Or Bursting.

Leaking Shower Pump

Our Clients Face Leakage In Pumps Often. This Is Usually Because The Seal Of The Pump Diminishes Over Time. If That’s The Case With You It Might Need To Be Replaced.But You Need Not To Worry. Our Proficient Team Is Here At Your Disposal. They Will Take Care Of All Your Shower Pump Related Problems And Everything Will Be Running Perfectly Just Like Before. Just Give Us A Call And One Of Our Representatives Will Get You Sorted In No Time. Contact New Century for quick shower pump repair in Dublin.