Shower Pump Replacement

Is your shower pump not strong enough to pump away all your worries in a relaxing shower?

If that is the case you shall not worry anymore. New Century Plumbing and Heating services will not only help you in shower pump replacement, but our team of experts are also capable and qualified to help you find the right pump for you . We will suggest the best competent companies providing shower pumps strategically laying out all pros and cons of each one. We will suggest you the most cheap shower pumps but of the best quality.

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The Science Behind Shower Pump Replacement

Shower pump performance is measured in bars. One bar of water pressure equals 10 meters of constant head of water. 

The greater the bar rating, the greater the potential and proficiency of the shower pump. Generally a shower pump with 3+ bar rating has the best performance .

 Your shower pump should be positioned so as to make it more accessible in order to make it easier to clean the filters. 

It should not be fixed in places of lower temperatures and that might cause freezing of the pump and later rusting when it thaws. It should have a flawless pipe network so as to reduce resistance back and forth within the pipe.

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Our Team At Your Disposal

Our trained engineers are capable of shower pump replacements of all sorts whether it’s electric, manual or thermostatic. We can provide and install your brand new shower or we can install a shower of your liking employing our manual skills only. 

You can now sit back and relax now just by calling us, as all our shower installation services are accomplished to the finest standards while owning up to all safety and ethical paradigms. 

We will operate by first analyzing the criteria you describe to us, we will be able to get to the root cause of the problem and then we will schedule an appointment for your shower pump replacement. 

When we arrive we will carry out a diagnostic test for your shower. These tests will determine the qualities of the shower pump you really want. It is usually necessary so as to enable us to order replacement parts for the shower.

We will also assess if we can repair your existing shower in order to make it more economical for you , however if it is not possible we will then proceed for shower replacements. 

We also make sure that your shower pump replacement cost is minimal and you get quality product and service.