The Shower Doctor: Electric Shower Not Getting Hot

Jan 14, 2021 | Uncategorized

Electric Shower Not Getting Hot

A hot shower is all you need to relax your body and mind, especially after a long day’s work. It is the best therapy to give you a good night’s sleep and ease your muscles. Imagine yourself to have soap on you and the shower does not heat up. That could be infuriating isn’t it? 

If you are going through this most common problem of your electric shower not getting hot, you are on the right page. We are here to explain to you why your shower water isn’t getting hot in spite of being equipped with a hot water heater. 

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  • Temperature Control

This is the most common and minor issue.All you have to do is set the temperature of the heater correctly. If your electric shower is not getting hot, the problem could be lying in the temperature control. A minor damage in an electric water heater can also lead to other issues like- the water would get heated up only for a short time or not get hot at all.  

  • Faucet Check

Figure out if the problem is in the entire house or just the shower. Examine the heat temperature by turning on every hot water faucet at home. If all of them get hot but cool quickly, there is an issue with a burner in the heater. If they do not get hot at all, the issue is a defective dip tube. However, if you see no issue in any of them, then the obstacle lies within the shower components. So do a faucet check at home.

  • Shower Valve Defect

Shower valves are fittings fabricated to control the temperature and water flow. The ultra-fashioned shower valves can make showering a pleasant experience for you. They quintessentially blend cold and hot water to give you the most ideal temperature. In case of the o-ring wearing out, the shower valve will not do its job. It will no longer do the proper blending of temperatures.  So get your shower valve repaired at the quickest you can. 

  • Long usage

Hot water heaters usually have a time limit to generate the expected heat. If you keep it on for a long period, your electric shower will not get heated up after a certain time period. Beyond its cut off time, the shower will give out cold water.   

  • Tank Size

If you are running out of hot water and have too many members at home, the tank size could be an issue. A small hot water tank could be inadequate to suffice everyone. 

Try out these following steps to solve the issue within your confined space:

  • Check your power supply 
  • Be sure of the isolator switch being on
  • Fix the blockage in the shower drain, if any
  • Take care of any leakage in the inlet pipe
  • Use a large tank unit
  • Use eco mode
  • Take shorter showers

Once you recognize the problem, you  can determine how to fix it. If your electric shower is still giving you issues and none of the above work, call an expert. 

Running out of hot water? Put an end to it today!