Underfloor Heating vs Radiators? Which One Is Better?- Our Guide

Jan 14, 2021 | Uncategorized

Thanks to technology, there are heat emitters which will help you walk freely in your house no matter how cold it is. However, considering the many options available, how do we decide on which is the best heating system?

Choosing the perfect heating system for your home can be a bewildering process. It also involves a huge investment and hence you cannot afford to take an impulsive decision. Apart from keeping your family’s comfort in mind you need to evaluate various other factors like cost, climate, capacity, efficiency, area, safety etc. We conducted a research on the two most popular heat emitters- Underfloor Heating and Radiators based on all the factors.

Let’s have a look.

What is Underfloor Heating?

This is one smart way to heat up your home. Underfloor heating system is installed beneath the floor which will in turn emit heat evenly in your house. Apart from experiencing a warm floor, this will facilitate energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. The heating system is one of the oldest forms of central heating. The heat generated is monitored by a thermostat to maintain consistency in the temperature.

How does it work?

Underfloor heating system comes in two forms- water and electric system. The water system pumps heated water beneath the floor through a circuit of pipes. It should be installed while constructing a new floor.  In the electric system, electric coils are installed underneath the floor. This is effective for smaller areas and is controlled by a timer.

Advantages of Underfloor heating system:

  • Even and consistent distribution of heat even at a larger space
  • It is concealed so won’t spoil the house décor
  • Amplified sense of luxury and hygiene
  • Efficient functioning as it works on low temperature

Disadvantages of Underfloor heating system:

  • High on installation expensive
  • Takes long to heat a room
  • Restriction on some furniture or fittings
  • Installation can be inconvenient

What are Radiators?

Radiators, made from metal, are heat exchangers which transfer thermal energy from one channel to another. You don’t have to worry about the outside weather anymore as this heat emitter will keep you warm at any temperature. This is one of the most effective and desirable heating systems.

Central Heating 

How does it work?

There are two types- Steam and Hot water radiators. Steam radiators are attached to a boiler which heats up the water until it forms into steam. This steam travels up through an upright pipe to the radiator which in turn heats up the room. Hot water radiator, as the name suggests, has the heated water (from a boiler) running through the supply pipes into the radiators.

Advantages of Radiators:

  • Low on maintenance
  • High level of safety
  • Extremely reliable and quick
  • Can be portable from one room to another

Disadvantages of Radiators:

  • Loud and Noisy
  • Cool down quickly
  • Would require adequate amount of ventilation in the room
  • Becomes hot while functioning
  • Heat is not distributed evenly
  • Cheap radiators can spoil the aesthetics of the room


After discussing the functioning of the heat emitters, pros and cons we can conclude that both have their advantages and downfalls. Radiators were the most obvious choice in the past. However, Underfloor heating will give you the privilege of enjoying your own home. If you are not tight on your finances, we would recommend you to bring home the Underfloor heating system. This versatile equipment, with its even distribution of hot air, will let you walk warm feet comfortable in your entire house. It will not only keep your room cosy throughout but also maintain the aesthetics of your house. Lastly, you do not have to stress too much about the electricity damages. You can save up the extra bucks there.